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[27 Aug 2003|05:18pm]

spread the word. Ok. I'm bored.
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[10 Jul 2003|04:05pm]
[ mood | Help! ]

I need to find an agency called NRSlimited on friday and i only know its on Upper Parliment street Nom. 48 and its near something called Haryles Blinds.
I'm no good with maps!

If you can help I'll be grateful, all i need to know is where its based so i'll get there on time.

I'm sure its near burger king! *shrugs* need to find this place :(


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bless me [07 May 2003|08:50pm]
results for my quiz for without you
"Without You" -- Finch.
You're dealing with things very well. Being able to
handle things easily is a very good thing. You
are loved. =)

"The storm is letting
But it won't die
If you weren't right
was I?
Your picture still remains,
But I
wonder are you still the same?"

Which Finch song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Tour dates! [05 May 2003|09:40pm]
Thur 1-May
Fresno, CA Mom & Pop's Pizza
The Matches

Fri 9-May (8pm)
Alameda, CA Roosters Roadhouse
RU36, Poor Bailey

Sat 10-May
Salinas, CA Jim Dandy's

Fri 16-May
Livermore, CA
Eagles Hall

Sat 17-May
Oakland, CA iMusicast
Silent Film Stars, Wits End

Fri 6-June
Lafayette, CA Ace Of Clubs

Sat 14-June
Hanford, CA Square 8
Lonely Kings, Hellbound Hounds
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More.. [04 May 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Reminds you of an ex-lover: New Found Glory- head on collsion
Reminds you of an ex-friend: The Offspring - what happend to you
Reminds you of your childhood: The offspring - Kids Aren't Alright
Makes you cry: New Found Glory - sonny
Makes you laugh: The Vandals - Fourteen
Makes you wanna dance: The offspring - want you bad
Reminds you of the one you want: Sr-71 - empty spaces
Makes you very, very sleepy: Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away (all the album!!)
You wish you wrote: Bad Religion - American Jesus
Fills you with complete joy: Offspring - gotta get away
You never want to hear again: Avril Lavigne - complicated
You want to get married to: The Death March. (dont wanna sign my life away)
You want played at your funeral: offspring - Self Esteem
Makes you want to mosh/slam dance: BoySetsFire.Anything by erm.
Sums up your teenage years: offspring - Americana
You used to hate but now love: Placebo - Nancy Boy
You like to wake up to: Sr-71 - Tomorrow
You like out of your parents record collection: The Clash - best of and Tracey chapman - best of.
Your parents like out of your collection: No Doubt and Ramones
You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: Offspring (i luv you brian)
Makes you think of someone who died: Gareth gates (at her funeral)
You love the video more than the tune: M.Manson - tainited love
Reminds you of your first crush: Remembering never - Big Jims Mistake
You love which is from one of your favorite movies: Chasing Amy - intro music
Makes you think of the moon: Intro music to Bear in the big blue house (strange..)
Makes you think of sex: Prozak- Strange Disease
Makes you think of being alone: New Found Glory - the story so far

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music wise [03 May 2003|11:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Title: Love to Hate.Hate to Me
Artist: A Static Lullaby
Lyric: Read the tale of my desire A book of hate

Title: Goodbye
Artist: Sr-71
Lyric: I'm everything you know You wonder friend of foe

Title: Divit
Artist: Wish i could be
Lyric: I wish that I could be someone new for a day.

Title: Heartless
Artist: Remembering Lyrics
Lyric: i need your magnifying glass heart to find the ounce of respect i once had for myslef

Title: Veran
Artist: Ignite
Lyric: are you forgotten,tired and poor by the ones you've voted for?

Title: What It Is To Burn
Artist: Finch
Lyric: Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her She's the only one who knows, what it is to burn

Title: No Regrets
Artist: Divit
Lyric: Good to see you and make you laugh With the same mouth that calls the kettle black

Title: Lipgloss and letdown
Artist: Static Lullaby
Lyric: last night i saw your life flash before my eyes,why did i laugh so hard baby?

Title: Right Now
Artist: Sr-71
Lyric: So what if the sex was great Just a temporary escape Another thing I grew to hate But now that's over

Title: A Box Full of Sharp Objects
Artist: The Used
Lyric: are you forgotten,tired and poor by the ones you've voted for?

I could go on and on..There just a few of my favourite bands. before you say it. yes i have shit music taste.

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So very ordinary [03 May 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | working ]

Well I wanted to be someone aside from who I am
But a shadow cannot follow those without command
Full of expectations of someday getting out
Of my normal situation to someday make them proud
Hey what’s going on? Is this really necessary?
Hey what’s going on? Is this really necessary to be so ordinary?

I’d like to save the world or maybe just this town
But I can’ even conquer the demons in my house
How about an invention to put us all at ease?
Or maybe just a movie for everyone to see
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My first post! [03 May 2003|04:24pm]
[ mood | working ]

I have another journal then? Ohh great..What am I suppose to write about *hmm* ahh Who Am I? Well im the person who stormed into Divit's message board and goes "im promoting divit, if you like it or not". I've been trying for a while know to get onto the street team but sadly im stuck here in Shitty England so im no use to anybody :( So i thought "fuck it, I'm gonna promote them across the Internet" and this is what im trying to do!

Originally I am a communications officer for My College in Nottingham and my job is publicise the college anywhere I go So basically Promoting Divit is quite handy and it gives me the experience I want and also it helps out one of my favourite bands in the whole world!
if any of you want to help me through my journey you are more welcome to :) Just E-mail me or something and we'll sort something out!

Catch you later guys!

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